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Fresh Goji Berries and get FREE Seeds

Fresh Goji Berries and get FREE Seeds

by New-Health
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We’re here in the desert garden and there’s something really exciting going on, I was over there in the caused bed, other the working day checking it out and I saw something that I never seen or never proliferated myself before to fruition and literally that’s to fruition, and that’s that literally goes to fruition it fruits in my opinion.

So I actually have a really cool fruit that’s fruiting out over there so we’ll actually, let’s heading over to that caused bed and check out what this special fruit is. Now we’re in one of my caused berths here and this is the exceedingly raised bed that I planted mint in ceramic toilets so they wouldn’t spread out. That being said, you do need to go through regularly and are searching for mint that’s overgrowing the side of the container and then is root. So I actually attracted out a bunch of them. It’s much easier to restraint this course, but this course is not pledged fool-proof unless you’re a fool and you don’t cluck out the chumps or the runners that come out. So anyways, why I was doing that I saw something really cool happening. I had literally forgotten about this plant. I had grown this same bush in California for many years and never had gone any return off of it, and now here, I merely planted and it fruits the first season that I’m thriving it.

Normally they say this plant could take up to three years to fruit and maybe the bush I got was started from curves and maybe was three years old, I have no idea. But nonetheless, check it out, this person right here is in the middle. I kind of planted it between the toilets in a small area because this is going to be a perennial in this climate. It’s hardy to zones like five to nine. I don’t know if you guys can see that on the camera, I’ll go ahead and do a be closed down. We got these little berries on there and this one is actually called Goji berry, that’s what it was sold to me as. We have the bush tag right here if you guys want to check it out, it suggests goji berry on there.

I don’t know if this is a true Goji berry or merely a lyceum berry, known as a wolf berry. Basically the difference between a Goji berry and a wolf berry is that it’s like a different motley, like there’s grandmother smith apples, Fuji apples, they’re all apples, but they’re a little bit different. There’s many collections of the lyceum berries depending on where they’re native to. They’re native to China and the Western United Country so depending on what motley “they il be” they’re going to do better or worse.

The nutrition may be a little different amongst the berries but they’re all in my opinion very similar. So let me plow ahead and demo you guys a close up on these fresh grow Goji berries. I’m going to go ahead and demo you guys the goji berry that I’m thriving, but it may be a wolf berry. You can see here. This is the little bush, it’s just a small little bush that I bought. I think it was like five dollars. Actually, I bought this in Utah when I was up there visiting at a little store. There are the little berries right there and these guys are actually related to the tomato bush, they’re in the solanaceae household. Since I’ve never ripen these before I don’t know when they just ripe or not, but that huge return I might just pluck off because I have ones in different stages of proliferation, and I’m going to try genuinely to see how it tastes at this part, although just like any solanaceae household bush, I would encourage you guys to always pick them as ripe as possible.

In additive besides these ripening berries, I was search along some of the branches of the bush and it’s actually quite long. It goes up and up and up. I’m perhaps going to have to, maybe stake it up or something. It’s now like perhaps about two paws high-pitched, when I got it was like about 6 inches tall, so it’s really loved the climate here and likewise really loved my grime. You can see, there’s the buds there, and if you check where my finger is touching right there, or my finger is moving, that’s just a little small berry wording. There’s a few of them all the way down this single root here. So that’s pretty amazing. I’m quite glad this doing quite well. So let me plow ahead and evidence you that return one more time here. So this return here, this is known as an antioxidant return, it’s probably one of the most nutrient dense fruits on the whole bush because it does have things like amino battery-acids and such matters of knowledge it has 18 amino acids.

It’s actually 10% protein for merely a little return. Yes, all fruits contain protein, this one happens to be one that contains actually a good amount of protein. So it also has five carotenoids, including lutein, lycopene and seitan. Chinese remedy has been using this person for 1900 times. So this is really an ancient meat and I have sidekicks that are growing it in Seattle area and they said it’s doing very well. This is the first time I’ve had any fruit on mine, literally by merely growing it in the dirt doing nothing. So I would encourage you at this part if you do live in the desert anywhere grow some wild, native wolf berries from your arena, or merely get some of these seeds here. So what I’m going to do next is plow ahead and pluck this return off you get to see that get plucked off here and it came off very easy, so it passed off very easy.

So when it does that means you know it’s relatively moderately ripe. Of course maybe passed off easier if I wait a bit longer but this person looks pretty ripe to me. I’ve bought these fresh at farmers marketplaces before and they’re actually a pretty penny a small little four ounce container sometimes rate fifteen horses. So grow your antioxidant rich goji berries. Next I’m going to go ahead and try to let you guys just knowing that I believe. It’s very squishy and when we attracted it off the root it’s actually like bawling or bleeding so if you want to keep it retained bright better cut the root often not just pluck it like I did. And let’s see here going to go ahead and back that up. Here it is right here and the seeds are running out they’re nice and small. Well it tastes kind of like, has a little bitter clue of bitterness, maybe like that eggplant or no dark-green pepper bitterness, like when dark-green peppers are ripe, if they’re ripe there sweet if they’re not they got that funny savour. It was quite sweet actually exceedingly liquid rich that virtually exploded in my mouth.

There’s a few seeds on my thumbs here. It perhaps savoured it somewhere between a raspberry and a cherry and a raisin to me. So it’s kind of sweet , not super sweetened but had that kind of like unripe tartness of a dark-green pepper. But good nonetheless for my first ever goji berry that I proliferated myself in good high quality compost and stone junk and mycorrhiza bacteria in my grime. So maybe that’s why it’s making genuinely early. Anyways the next occasion we’re going to do is if you want to grow this plant, it’s very easy-going. Seeds are widely available perhaps at a supermarket near you. So I’m going to show you guys the most wonderful course to obtain some seeds and to grow these from the seeds that you could buy locally. So let’s heading inside out of the hot weather. Check it out. Now we’re inside and we’re going to show you guys how you could easily secure your own goji berry or wolf berry seeds.

The easiest course to do this is to go to your local health food store. Numerous health food stores including Whole Foods may sell goji berries in the volume slouse and that’s absolutely the easiest way and cheapest course to beginning some goji berry or wolf berry seeds. Now when you go to the volume slouse you know you can do this if you got hutzpah and you guys just knowing that hutzpah means you could buy like one, one little goji berry and I gamble their magnitudes can’t even pick it up and they’ll announce oh you are able get it for free so that I was likely to get a free goji berry. But nonetheless, I are more likely to spur you guys to buy some I do some. These are some volume goji berries.

Now they come in all different levels of quality. I personally like to buy the one when I appear them in the ball bins or in a pack they’ll be soft and hokey kind of like a raisin. When you buy a raisin they’re nice and soft and moist you know they’re not all stone hard-boiled. Some goji berries that you may find or wolf berries you may find something like Asian stores are like nice and bright red-faced and genuinely hard. I opt the ones that are nice and soft in maybe even turning in color.

I think they may apply or preservatives or something or high-pitched heat to process them, in which example this seeds might not quite be as viable. I want to once again touch on certain differences between the wolf berries and goji berries. The only difference, it’s like apples it’s like you got Fuji apples, Granny Smith apples, they’re all apples and these are all lyceum berries. But goji berries one manner, wolf berries one manner and there’s different collections each. So I don’t really care what manner you guys grow. Get one native your arena and then merely try to grow it or if you could only get these seeds, hey merely get one of these guys. I’m going to eat those. Wow. After dining the fresh goji berry these one merely don’t liken. Obviously good nonetheless, and these guys are great snack much better in my view than something like raisins. These guys are actually high-pitched in antioxidants and genuinely health for us as well. Like the fresh one has all the nutrients. Any example let me plow ahead and demo you guys how to get to seeds out of one of these little dry goji berries.

Basically you going to get goji berry and then you’re going to immersing it in a bowl of liquid. So I’ve been soaking this for a few hours, optimally you should do it overnight. We’re going to go ahead now do a be closed down on the balls you guys can see exactly what I’m doing to get the seeds out. Now you can see the seed that’s been soaking in the liquid hopefully overnight and I when you’re going to go in with your thumbs, wow, check it out I merely mashed it you check like that the return emblazons coming out of it. So you know that’s a nice and soft. You’re basically going to take it out and carefully twist it between your thumbs. When you do that it’s going to break open and when it ends open I like to introduce it underwater and crack it open. What’ll happen is all the seeds will come out. Now it will discolor your liquid. If you want you could actually booze this dry liquid, it’s probably health for you it’s got some of the goji berry antioxidants.

And you’ll check all here besides the skin here that we’ll now actually, I’m actually disappearing to eat it, you don’t need to discard it. It savor better watered down in the dehydrated ones, but freshest is bestest is what I like to say. Now what’s going to happen is the seeds are being either float or subside. Now the thing you want recollect is the floaters are the seeds that are not good not viable so you want to scoops those off and not use them.

The seeds on the bottom you want to go ahead and obtain and use it now since they have been pre-soaking they’re all be prepared to threw in some starter concoction and start thriving them. That’s how easy it to be able to a collect your goji berry seeds. Another course you can do this besides this course, you can actually immerse your return in the liquid overnight. Once it’s nice and plump rend it in half carefully and then actually merely made half of the return contain the seeds in a little container with grime and hide it a little bit and then merely retain it moist. They should germinate and grow. They like a nice muggy and heated position to grow in for sure.

So I hope you guys experienced learning more about the goji bush that’s once again fruiting the first season that I’ve threw it in the dirt. I think that’s truly amazing and I’m going to have a least a handful goji berries subsequently this year. Because this plant proliferates so well in Los Vegas I’m perhaps going to take curves from it and propagate it. That’s how it’s normally propagated, it’s a little bit quicker than going seeds out and thriving them. But if you don’t have access to a bush to take curves from then your seeds are perfectly your best bet because once again most health food stores have these. Another thing I want to talk about that’s not relatively known is you can actually sprout the seeds and then grow a tray of goji berry sprouts and that is a really good longevity food.

I’ve had goji berry sprouts before and serviceman they are absolutely absurd and crazy. It takes lots of seeds to grow merely a little bit of sprouts. So I want to encourage you guys to grow your goji berry sprouts and if the flowers get large then plow ahead and bush it out in order to be allowed to have more of the goji return that’s really rich in antioxidants it’s probably one of the most nutrient dense fruits on earth. Once again, my mention is John Kohler with growingyourgreens.com. We’ll see you next time and recollect retain on thriving.

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