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Himalayan Goji Berry Facial Cream

Himalayan Goji Berry Facial Cream

by New-Health

The fountain of youth is a myth but there is a beverage of recent vintage in the world market that approximates the promise of perennial vitality and well-being. This drink is Goji berry juice extracted from a fruiting vine that thrives in the inhospitable slopes of the Himalayas. The potency of the Goji berry fruit is rooted to ancient cultures whose influence remains pervasive to these modern days. The Ayurvedic (from the Sanskrit “Ayurveda” or science of life) medicine of India, reputed as the oldest health care system in the world, regards Goji berry as a fruit vital in medical care.
There are several varieties of Goji berries now available in the market, mostly through online health food supplement websites. Among the most prized is the Himalayan Goji berry which many online dietary food sellers swear is totally different from its Chinese counterpart. The great difference, they say, is in the method and place of cultivation. In China, Goji berries (also popularly known as wolfberries) are grown in large commercial plantations across some of the country’s farming regions, such as Ningxia. 
The Himalayan Goji berry, on the other hand, is promoted as another plant species, a wild crafted plant cultivated in isolated slopes and valleys of Tibet and Mongolia. The Himalayan Goji berry, according to its drum beaters, is a more hardy plant than the Chinese variety and thrives in temperature extremes of heat and cold. The resulting Himalayan Goji fruit juice from the Tibetan and Mongolian fruit harvests is said to be a more potent beverage, with denser nutrient contents. It has also been proposed in promotional materials that the Chinese berry fruits are smaller and a little bitter to the taste, compared to the plumper, larger and sweeter Himalayan Goji berry.
The nutrients that could be found in Goji berry juice extracted from the Himalayan berries are also believed to be not only denser but much varied as well. In general, a multitude of nutrients are indeed yielded by Goji berries. The excitement on the health and well-being that the Goji juice brings centers on the four polysaccharide molecules that could be derived from the beverage.  These polysaccharides, simply called as LBPs, are said to be unique in Goji berries. LBPs are described as akin to some great orchestra conductors, synchronizing the body’s workings in a beautiful symphony by allowing for communication links among cells for them to work harmoniously.
The manufacture of Goji juice today has been updated to keep up with beverage industry technology. For instance, freshness is maintained with the addition of potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate. To cater to varying consumer tastes, some Goji berry juice drinks are reconstituted to include concentrates from grapes, pears or apples. Many Goji berry juice products, marketed as health food supplements or as weight-loss alternatives, have per-serving contents of 20 calories, 5 grams total carbohydrates, 4 grams of sugars, 15 mg of Vitamin C and 36 mg of potassium. The recommended daily intake is 1.4 fl. oz or 30-120 ml. Shaking the beverage before consumption is recommended as well as refrigerating the product after it has been opened to help preserve the potency of this drink regarded by many as a modern-day elixir.

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